Jason Alexander as Donny Clay

Jason Alexander has developed a new character, “Donny Clay, the fourth best motivational speaker in the country!”

Throw your self help books away. Fire your therapist! Stop listening to radio psychologists! Meet DONNY CLAY, the only life coach and motivational guru who guarantees that he can change your life in one single session! He’s that powerful, he’s that talented and he’s that delusional!

DONNY CLAY WILL SHOW YOU THE WAY is a series of custom webisodes that can speak to your brand’s consumers, reach out to new customers or be used for internal or B-B communications! DONNY CLAY is also available to television and radio spots!

Do you have a new product to introduce to consumers in a fun light-hearted way?

Do you have new internal policies or programs that need to be communicated to employees internally in a fun way?

Donny Clay can show YOU the way!

Jason and his team will work with your team to write webisodes and produce them ready to be loaded onto your website or sent virally. One stop shopping!